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3% plus 30¢ per transaction

No setup fee
No monthly fee
No locked-in contract

Yes, it's that simple!
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Is it really just 3% plus 30c per transaction?

Yes. There are no hidden costs. While it is normal in the payments industry to pay more for rewards cards, points cards, and corporate cards, we do not engage in this practice. You pay the same rate of 3% on each transaction.

Can I get a lower rate?

Yes. If you process more than $10,000 per month we will reduce the rate for you. The rate will depend on your processing volume. Contact us to talk about it.

Statement fee? Monthly fee? What about a monthly minimum?

There are no statement fees, no monthly fees, and no monthly minimum.

What do I get?

You get a virtual terminal so you can process credit card payments over the phone and an online payment page so your customers can submit a payment online with a credit card.

Is there an early cancellation fee?

No. You can try the service out, and if you don't find it useful you can stop using it at any time. There are no cancellation fees.

Is there a fee for refunds?

No. There is no charge for performing a refund. However, the initial 3% charge from the originating transaction can't be returned to you because we incur a cost from Visa and MasterCard that we do not get back.

Is there an extra fee for a virtual terminal?

It's included for free. The virtual terminal is used when you are speaking to a customer on the phone and want to process their credit card number using your computer.

Is there an extra fee for other currencies?

We include both CAD and USD billing currencies at no extra cost. If you want non-standard billing currencies such as GBP, EUR and AUD this can provided on a per-case basis.

What about the payment page? Do you charge anything for setting it up?

It's free. We will create and setup your online payment page for you. If you don't have a website of your own we'll even host it for you on our servers. It's always free no matter what.

Is there a fee for deposits into my bank account?

Yes, funds will be transferred into your bank account on a daily or weekly basis. The cost for this transfer is 15¢. To clarify, this is not on a per-transaction basis. It is the cost for settling all funds into your bank account in a lump sum transfer.

Is there a chargeback fee?

Yes. Like any other processor we incur a cost from Visa and MasterCard when a chargeback occurs. The chargeback fee is $20. If you've never processed credit cards before it's important to understand what a chargeback is. A chargeback is a dispute between a merchant and a cardholder, in which the cardholder has contacted their bank and had the transaction forcibly reversed. A merchant doing online invoicing should almost never have chargebacks.

Is there a fee for support?

Of course not. We are fanatical about helping our customers with their payments. In fact, you will get a dedicated account representative that will get to know you on a first name basis. You can reach out to them any time by phone or email for help on any issue related to your account.

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Pay Online by Credit Card
You get an online payment page that your customers can use to submit payment by credit card.

Virtual Terminal
You get a virtual terminal so you can collect credit card payments over the telephone.

Faster Payment
No more waiting for cheques in the mail from your customers. You receive automatic deposits into your bank account each day.

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