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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the most commonly asked questions below.

What's Included

I don't understand what I get. What's included?


How much does it cost?

Are there really no hidden fees?

Can I get a lower rate if I process larger amounts of money?

Is there a setup cost?

Is there any sort of cancellation fee if I close my account?

Setup Questions

What do I need to get started?

How long does it take to setup?

What are the steps involved in setting it up?

Creating Your Payment Page

Where are the technical instructions to add a payment page to my website?

How customizable is the look and feel of the payment process?

Can you help me build my payment page?

I don't have a website, can I still use the service?

Customization Questions

Can I customize the look of my payment page?

Can I customize the look of the email receipts?

Can I send the user to a customized page after the transaction has been approved?

Credit Card Questions

Which credit cards can I accept?

Can I process credit cards in USD?

Do you support foreign processing currencies such as GBP, EUR or AUD?

Can I do automatic recurring billing?

Are online invoice payments secure?

Phone Orders

Can I process credit cards taken over the phone?

What is a virtual terminal?

I don't want to take any online payments. Can I just use the virtual terminal?

Can I use the virtual terminal as a mobile device to process payments on the road?

Examples / See It In Action

Can I see an example of a live payment using the online payment page?

Can I see a demonstration of a phone payment being captured?

Reporting and Settlement

How often do I receive my money?

Can the funds be deposited automatically into my bank account?

Can funds be sent into any bank account? (TD, RBC, BMO, Scotia, etc)

Do I receive reporting?

Can I download statements for import into my bookkeeping software?

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Can I make it so the invoice number and amount is already filled in for my customer?


Who are the folks behind

What kind of support is available?

Where can I find contact information?

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