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There are two ways to capture credit card payments. You can setup a payment page on your website, and can also process payments taken over the telephone.

Option 1: Online Payments

It's easy to setup a payment page on your website. This will enable your customers to quickly submit payment for any outstanding amounts owing by credit card. You can use our payment page code generator to create the code in seconds.

If you don't have a website, or you don't want to put an online payment page on your website we will create a payment page for you on During the setup process your account manager will help you with the creation of your payment page.

To see what it looks like you can try it out with a test transaction, watch the online payment demo, or go the code generator to see how easy it is to create an online payment page.

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Option 2: Virtual Terminal / Phone Payments

Your customers may want to call you and give you their credit card details over the telephone. When this happens you use the virtual terminal to process these transactions.

A "virtual terminal" is a secure web page that will allow you to process credit card numbers using your computer. As soon as the transaction is processed the funds are immediately deposited into your account. It's easy to use, it's secure, and because it's done through a standard web browser it means there is nothing to install or configure. You can even use it while on the road (for example, if you are at trade a show, or if you are meeting with a customer) by using a smartphone or tablet with mobile internet access. You can watch a video of the virtual terminal in action.

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